School-based coffee fundraising

WithOneBean provides an ideal fundraising opportunity for schools.

Using WithOneBean coffee, fundraising packs can deliver high returns to the fundraising initiative.

Proposed as an alternative to commonly used fundraisers, the WithOneBean fundraising model provides schools the opportunity to fundraise money for specific projects whilst also directly benefitting subsistence farmers and local communities within Timor Leste. Unlike the chocolate fundraising drives of the past, WithOneBean offers a unique and engaging fundraising model. Not only are students raising funds for their own schools’ initiatives, they are also assisting subsistence coffee farmers from one of the poorest countries, Timor Leste, in our region. Profits generated by WithOneBean are invested back into these subsistence communities.

WithOneBean fundraising provides very good returns to your school whilst raising the awareness of your student community to the livelihoods of village communities in Timor Leste. Your students are also able to participate in a range of educational activities through the WithOnePlanet open education portal.

If you would like any more information contact us  and we will get back to you to discuss further.

School run coffee enterprise

Students can establish and manage a coffee enterprise with the support of WithOneBean.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in a real social enterprise business and will learn about models, marketing, sales and support. At the same time the students will raise funds to be invested in joint partnership programs between subsistence communities in Timor Leste, their school and the xpand Foundation.

School catering and consumption

Coffee for your staffroom

WithOneBean coffee delivered fresh to your staffroom each month, roasted and ground to meet your staff coffee requirements.

Coffee for meetings

WithOneBean coffee can increase the productivity of staff meetings and school council meetings. Delivered fresh each month, roasted and ground to your requirements.

Coffee for school families and friends

WithOneBean coffee delivered fresh to your school for distribution by students to families and friends.

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