Tais Bag

Hand-Woven Tais Bag

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Tais Bag

Hand-woven traditional Timorese tais bag
Cotton and Polyester
Dimensions: 17.5cm wide x 26cm long

Tais cloth is a form of traditional weaving created by the women of East Timor. An essential part of the nation’s cultural heritage, tais weavings are used for ceremonial adornment, home decor and personal apparel.

Using mostly cotton threads, the cloth is created during the island’s dry season, almost entirely by hand. A single tais can take anywhere from several days to a year, depending on the complexity of design and variety of colors used.

Dyes are used to create bright colors in the tais; these are mixed from plants like taun, kinur, and teka. Other dyes are derived from mango skin, potato leaf, cactus flowers, and turmeric.

You can use this bag as a coffee bag, aeropress bag, handbag, iPad bag and many other uses.

Product Impact

In purchasing this tais bag, you are directly impacting;

WithOneSeed – 10 trees will be planted in Timor Leste, reducing carbon in the atmosphere, returning forests to their natural state and helping to end poverty and hunger in one of the worlds poorest regions.